The daughters of the wind

An ancient landscape of delicate aridity

In a territory as small as ours, the grains of sand pushed by the north wind have witnessed many great events in our history. In the Middle Ages, covering the first great civilizations; then, invading farmland (where only the epic of man at the end of the 19th century managed to stop them), and in the middle of the 20th century, on its half-asleep mantle and in the middle of the Cold War, he set up the most powerful radio station in the world that future generations should remember. At the same time, the most important socio-economic phenomenon of the century was born: tourism.

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Script by Joan Simó, music by Quim Sota, production by Dolors Fuster and directed by Edmon Amill and Antoni Martí.

Creation date of the article: 10/8/2023.


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