The daughters of the wind

An ancient landscape of delicate aridity
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La duna gegant esborrada

La destrucció d'un espai excepcional
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Les entitats demanen a la Generalitat no eliminar la partida de 4 milions per Ràdio Liberty

Una inversió urgent
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Wrong energy model

Marine wind power plants with a major impact on biodiversity
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The Conservatory of the Coast

How to acquire and protect coastal land
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A hopeful future for la playa de Pals

Your participation is decisive - summary 2022
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A new North Road over rice paddies in Platja de Pals

El Departament d'Acció Climàtica demana una avaluació més profunda de l'impacte
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Commitment to preserve Radio Liberty

Spanish government, Pals City Council and Generalitat of Catalonia coordinating for heritage
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The wetlands of Pals

L'abans i el després d'aquestes zones humides
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We just protected Radio Liberty

The station that is already a Cultural Property of Local Interest (BCIL)
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Removal of invasive species from Pals Beach

Avoiding the displacement of the local flora and fauna
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Between 15.000 and 20.000 tons of uncontrolled dumping in Pals

We exchange biodiversity for debris
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An unnecessary seafront in l'Estartit

The risks of an unviable seafront
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The hidden face of Radio Liberty

The influence of the Werewolf in the creation of Stay Behind
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Together we change history at platja de Pals

Our influence is real - summary 2021
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el-turo-de los-arrozales-de-pals-perfil-002

The polecat of the rice fields of Pals

The nocturnal animal of the ditches
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Glory and disaster in the Pedró de Pals

The transformation of the Pedró of Pals
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Stachys maritima resist in the dunes

The dune habitat is ideal for mooring
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The port of Pals buried under the dunes

A port born in the 13th century with a great commercial activity
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Radio Liberty, amplifying freedom from Pals Beach

The radio waves that fought the advance of the Soviet Union
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365 days defending Pals Beach

Challenges and successes achieved - summary 2020
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The lung of phanerogams under the water of Pals bay

Underwater phanerogam meadows receding on the seabed of Pals Bay
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Let's save Radio Liberty

Preserve the natural, historical and archaeological heritage at Ràdio Liberty
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The kentish plover on Pals Beach

The bird you don't see but lives in the sand of the dunes
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The devastating urbanism of Pals Beach

An outdated urban planning
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